3.3 Candidate for Crime

Originally aired: 4 November 1973


One Response to “3.3 Candidate for Crime”

  1. Kaaren French Says:

    Jackie Cooper is beyond excellent here and you can tell he is having a grand time playing the “politician”. At the beginning he won my heart by looking ALMOST directly into the camera, almost breaking the third wall, when his bullying manager Stone is hectoring him and he, the politician, puts the gun, silencer, and watch in his briefcase, knowing he’s minutes away from murder. The simmering rage he projects, that is art.
    Columbo is at his most exhausting when he enters Jackie Cooper’s office and begins cogitating faults with the crime scene, the broken street-light, darkness, ballistics et.al. going on to why the girl assistant left without itinerary to how and what about the new jacket. You can feel Coogan’s pizzaz fizzling! You just know he is dying to lock the door and take a solid drink.

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